Logistics and administrative support

Transrad can deal with all the administrative tasks associated with international logistics services for radioactive and nuclear materials.



Feasibility studies

We carry out feasibility studies during which we compare the different transport options in terms of regulations, transport licences and packaging. The full itinerary, from the point of departure to the final destination, is analysed and assessed.

Nuclear liability insurance

TRANSRAD has been recognised by a Royal Decree as an approved nuclear operator, and can therefore take out nuclear liability insurance for transport in accordance with the Paris Convention and Belgian legislation on nuclear liability.

Administrative help and support

TRANSRAD can validate certificates approving packaging in Belgium and the Netherlands, depending on the requirements of the relevant regulations. We apply for any necessary permits and licences on behalf of third parties. We escort vehicles belonging to our foreign partners in Belgium and the Netherlands and this is covered by our authorisation. We offer advice about regulations.

Customs representative

Transrad can act as a customs representative for its clients. For more information, please get in touch.

Transport permit application

Packaging approval / licencing application