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Transrad is nominated for Trends Gazelle.

Powerful, fast … but vulnerable: such are the gazelles that inhabit the great African spaces. These are the companies that Trends-Tendances wanted to distinguish with this label. To merit it, only one condition: having gone through the most significant growth possible over the last five financial years, the accounts of which are published, this year from 2011 to 2015. Trends-Trendances is convinced that these companies are at the basis of the dynamism of a region, that their behaviour influences their neighbours and their competitors. A rapidly growing company, especially at an early age, is exposed to difficulties, it is the vulnerable side of the gazelles.

We are glade to announce that Transrad has been nominated Trends Gazelle in the SME category by the economic magazine Trends.

We are proud to display the Trends Gazelles logo on our site. Make sure to visit for more information.